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Shengyida is a custom heat sink manufacturer in China, offers custom heat sink services, specializes in the production of aluminum extruded heat sinks, heat pipe heat sinks, soldering heat sinks, stamped fin heat sinks and other products. Shengyida relies on long-term accumulated technical experience and production processes to satisfy customers' custom heat sinks for product differentiation, specialization and individual requirements.

What is Heat Sink?


Heat sink is a heat-conducting metal device that absorbs the heat of high-temperature objects and then disperses it to other places to keep it away from the high-temperature objects. The temperature of the high-temperature objects is stable. The radiator transfers the heat generated by the electronic or mechanical equipment to the fluid medium (air or liquid coolant), and then dissipates from the equipment so that the temperature of the equipment can be adjusted.

Custom Heat Sink Services


Shengyida provides custom aluminum heat sink services, we can provide small stamped and extruded aluminum heatsinks, extremely large heat sink, Shengyida as a professional high power thermal solution service provider and heat sink manufacturer, can fully meet customer’s requirement. In addition, Lori provides custom extruded aluminum heatsinks and custom copper heat sink and advance manufacturing techniques for better thermal performance, such as heat pipe techniques, liquid cold plate system, high density skived fin techniques, heat sink assemblies.

Types of Heat Sinks

Extruded Heat Sink


The production process of the aluminum extruded heat sink is to soften the aluminum rod under the condition of 480°~530°, and then extrude it through the die under the high-pressure condition of the extruder to obtain the processing method of the long aluminum profile with constant cross-section. The higher the material density of the extruded heat sink, the better its thermal conductivity. Extruded aluminum heat sinks are widely used in machinery, automobiles, wind power generation, construction machinery, air compressors, railway locomotives, household appliances, etc.

Heat Pipe Heat Sink


The heat pipe heat sink consists of a sealed pipe, a liquid wick and a stream channel. When the heat pipe heat sink is operating, its evaporation section absorbs the heat generated by the heat source (power semiconductor devices, etc.), so that the liquid in the wick tube boils into steam, and the steam with heat is cooled from the evaporation section of the heat pipe heat sink. The section moves. When the steam transfers heat to the cooling section, the steam condenses into a liquid. The condensed liquid returns to the evaporation section through the capillary action of the wick on the tube wall and repeats the above-mentioned circulation process to continuously dissipate heat. The heat pipe heat sink has high heat dissipation efficiency and stable heat dissipation performance.

Soldering Heat Sink


The Soldering heat sink is a heat dissipation product produced with the Soldering process as the main process, which combines the bottom plate and the fins of the heat sink by Soldering. The most commonly used materials for Soldering heat sinks are mainly copper and aluminum. From the comprehensive consideration of cost, structure, performance, heat transfer and cost, copper and aluminum are the most widely used, taking into account the good heat transfer and temperature uniformity of copper and aluminum. The weight is relatively light, the cost is relatively low, and the combined strength is relatively good.

Stamped Fin Heat Sink


Stamped fin heat sink is the most widely used heat exchange equipment in gas and liquid heat exchangers. Stamped fin heat sink is the best choice for electronic product heat dissipation equipment. It can be customized in various sizes, with novel design, low cost, and good heat dissipation performance. Using the advantages of stamping fin technology, custom heat sink manufacturers can configure radiator fins in various shapes and sizes.

Materials of Custom Heat Sink

Copper Heat Sink


The copper heat sink is made of copper mainly because of its good thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation, high-temperature resistance and long service life. Therefore, the heat dissipation capacity of the heat sink is excellent, and the heat absorption speed is usually fast, the heat dissipation is also fast, and the heat dissipation capacity is strong. Widely used in computer heat sinks, copper CPU heat sinks, BGA heat sinks, server heat sinks, car heat sinks, etc.

Aluminum Heat Sink


The aluminum heat sink has good heat dissipation and its energy-saving characteristics are very obvious. In the field of heat sinks, aluminum heat sinks have good chemical and corrosion resistance and do not need to add any additives, its principle is that once aluminum encounters oxygen in the air, it will form a layer of chemical film, this film is tough and dense, which prevents further corrosion of the main body material. The aluminum profile is easy to be extruded, and it can be extruded into various shapes, which is a novel, beautiful, and highly decorative aluminum heat sink.


What Type of Aluminum Is Used For Heat Sinks?
The heat sink is made of aluminum alloy (because the cost of pure aluminum is very expensive, and the hardness of pure aluminum is insufficient, it is inconvenient to carry out a series of processing and technical improvements), and the processability and surface treatment of aluminum alloy are quite easy and simple. Many, and its cost is quite low. Shengyida uses Al6063/Al6061 aluminum alloy in the manufacture of custom heat sinks, which can be processed into different shapes of heat sinks by virtue of its superior plasticity.
What Is The Best Material For A Heat Sink?
The most commonly used materials for heat sinks are copper and aluminum profiles. The copper heat sink has good thermal conductivity and relatively good heat dissipation effect, but the price is high; the aluminum heat sink has low thermal conductivity and low price, and the heat dissipation effect is relatively low.
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